The Power Of words

I just enjoyed reading a sample of Binod Dawadi’s new poetry book, The Power of Words! (Book Review)Whether you are a poet or not – just as I loved so many of these poems so will you, and I can not wait to see and read the complete book after its pre-order on Amazon is done. Binod Dawadi is from a different country (Nepal) than I am but this poetry book has an understanding of life and is just as powerful and beautiful. Really enjoyed his sample.

Editor Sydnie Beaupré’s note:

I had a lot of fun editing Binod’s poetry collection, and I can’t wait for people to
 get their hands on it. I tried to keep Binod’s voice in the poems, true to him. In
 summation, it was a large undertaking that I was happy to take on because he is
 very kind, and he begged me and in my opinion, anyone who can speak a second
 Language at all deserves respect for trying their best. You will notice that some
 lines may seem a bit awkward, but that was when I couldn’t find an appropriate
 Word replacement. So, when you’re reading Binod’s poetry, please remember that
 his first language is not English. I also hope you enjoy my poetry and short story.
Book review

But it can also destroy human beings,
By its anger,
This is because human beings are,
Making earth their puppet and playing with it. (Earth)

The above-mentioned poem titled “Earth” is a critical tribute to the mother earth. In this collection there is a poem about war, which calls for peace. The poems in this collection are comfortable, beautiful, not difficult to understand and peaceful. Readers of any age can find this book graspable. The discrimination between race, caste and gender should be stopped and the book stands with this idea. There is a path of guidance which is illuminating in this collection. Very precise and nurtured words take us on a journey in this book. Life is one and everyone has a precious life. When a poem is mentioning about life, it feels as if a larger-than-life idea is present in the depth of the poem.
Some spiritual elements are also part of this collection. There is a poem titled “Pancha Maha Bhautus.” The meaning of Pancha is also clarified in the poem which means five elements like fire, air, water, space and earth. Mentioning about these elements show how universal the poet thinks and perceives. He sees the world through his spiritual eyes and incorporates the universality. How fire is defined as a god in the Hindi language is also considered. This pious understanding of Binod Dawadi as a poet is his brilliance.

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