Alexandria Hart  collaborating with Sneha Manek


A Vampire Prince buys a five-year-old girl as a servant.

 He takes care of her from age 6 to 24.As the years go past, he grows to care for the young lady as she take care of his every need. The lady falls for him to as she gets to know his sweet side. On her 22nd birthday she asked the prince to turn her so that she could be with him for life. At first he says no. It takes two years for him to agree but something bad happened after he puts his venom into her blood. She could not bring herself to drink his blood to become a full blooded noble vampire. She is stuck in a state between human and vampire. After three days of her not taking his blood he takes her memory, leaving her in the forest to choose with no memories to hold her back, whether to be a vampire or die. She drinks his blood becoming a noble then tries to find the prince. On her Journey  she learns about the world and how bad it is. Once she finds the Prince she gets her memories back and has to choose to stay in a world where humans are treated badly and do nothing or join the prince and make the world a better place

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