Have you ever seen a children’s book that starts with a Warning for its readers?

Hanna the Guardian of Nature series starts with a Warning for its readers. Claiming,

“This is not an ordinary book; it does not even start in an ordinary way.” Then the book asks its readers to prove their eligibility for reading this series by taking a small love for Nature test, uncovering the mysteries of nature. Also encourages the reader for giving the test by stating, “Any game becomes boring when it lacks thrill.”

Did you ever uncover the mysteries of nature with lots and lots of laughter? Or did you ever consider connecting your child with nature or to fall in love with the mysteries of nature?

I believe nature is the best remedy for emotional healing. As an author of the e-series “Hanna the Guardian of Nature” aged for children 7 to 12 years, I aimed to make children understand their emotions and to help them, not only to heal their negative emotions but to use their energies positively by connecting themselves with the nature around them. This will surely help them become better mature adults in society. I believe whatever you write for children should always be humorous so that children should love their childhood and enjoy themselves being a kid. That is the reason why I focus on putting my main character as a naughty, mischievous 8-year-old girl in this series.

Surely, life is a too short reading and wasting over irrelevant stuff. Why not change our perspective on connecting with nature for 2 simple reasons:

  1. Study nature, love nature, and stay close to nature. It will never fail you…..(good news for kids, you will never be a failure in the school of nature)  
  2. You think you cannot live without love in life…..But how about living without oxygen in life…..( Alarming point for all the adults )

Nature is a gift of God for us. We must let our children feel the power of nature in our souls. Nature has the power to connect people regardless of our cultural differences. As parents, it is our responsibility to let our children understand how to stand for themselves in hard times in positive ways. 

Children having narcissistic parents struggle a lot in their life. I faced the same issue of having narcissistic parents in my life and the entire time my life end up having narcissistic relationships in my life. As a kid seeing narcissistic parents taught you that being, treated unwell means to love you. Which is actually not true and puts a lot of emotional damage on a child. However, I was one of the luckiest people in the world to remain sane and believe in continuous positivity in life. Moreover, this all happened only because of one reason in my life. I was attracted to nature from my early childhood. Whenever I felt sad or low in life, I use to go out in my home garden. I would start watering plants, putting seeds for birds or enjoying the fresh air. This was actually, giving me a break to revise my life and to see things from a different angle. This helped me always to be positive in life no matter what happens.

During the Covid and recent times in my life, I saw many individuals having anxiety and depression problems in life. Then I realized how much these people lack the need to deal with the upfront of life in their childhood. A child is always told that a family is the most important thing but there may come times in life when family even do not help you in life which leave these individual’s soul wounded. However, I believe we have to teach our children that yes family do matter but even families are made by humans and humans are meant to make mistakes in their life till the end of their lives. Why not consider everyone even your parents as human? Forgive them if they never listen to your emotions in life. Forgive everyone in your life always as forgiving is letting go of the hurt that hurt you. Always stay positive in life by connecting yourself with the nature around you.

I feel we must make our children connect with nature for their emotional healing in life. So that when our children grow up in life, and face anxiety, depression, loneliness or any sort of mental illness, they do not go for drugs or any other harmful remedy. Instead of this, they should be strong enough to say to themselves that they need a little break in life, so why not go for a walk in the park daily and see the birds in the sky? Alternatively, how about spending my time gardening this month to give my mind a change of vision?  

This is my motto for my series. However the first book “Born to be Naughty” from this e-series Hanna the Guardian of nature aim to make children understand the diversity present in this world and accept this diversity. Then fall for the main character of the book first.

This generation of children is the social media generation. Kids these days are always demanding gadgets. This is the first experiment ever done in kid lit, where children all around the world will connect to observe the actual meaning of diversity in this world by the same internet hashtags given in the book tasks during the story. Which will help kids all around the world realize that kids everywhere in the world are the same in terms of having fun in life but there are always cultural differences everywhere in the world and we should always have acceptance for others in our life. Therefore, until the final part of the series, children will realize that working together is fun and together they have the power to protect this nature.

Hanna the Guardian of Nature series book 1: “Born to be Naughty” is out on amazon and kobo where you and your kids can meet Hanna.

“The only person I am afraid of in this world is me myself.”
That’s Hanna’s motto for naughtiness. 

Meeting Hanna can help you solve the most complicated equation of Maths:

Naughty + Guardian of Nature =?


Do not confuse your head with Guardian and naughtiness going hand in hand. Simply read the book and let the confusion rest in peace.😁

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About the Author

I wanted to see the purest form of love in my life. There could be no love as pure as the love of God. But does it exist in this world? Yes! I saw that love in the eyes and hearts of the children. When you look into the eyes of a kid and smile, they smile back to you, regardless of your colour, looks, economic status or what people say to you; they just smile back at you with the same politeness and love. I want to celebrate that purest form of love in our lives by writing for these little angels whose hearts are filled with purity (and a little naughtiness).

I am a super mom….when I started writing my series with 3 naughty kids jumping everywhere all around me, I realized my power…….Writing is my happiness. It gives my life meaning beyond my existence. More about me, I hold a master’s degree in marketing. I am the first international Children’s author from Pakistan to write an e-series for children. Every day was a challenge for me in my journey as an international children’s author but I never lose hope at any point in my life.

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I recently wrote an article for my book, which is approved for publishing by kids-bookreview.com (the world’s best and top platform for kid’s books). It shall be published in their guest posts on 7 September 2022.

Famous book blog of UK Renaissance Writer reviews:
I found Hanna to be an engaging character, and since the book is 100% about her, this is important. This is an interesting experiment in what could be a new genre of children’s literature, a book/internet hybrid between a blog and a novel.
Recommended for tech-savvy children ages 7 to 12.

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India’s number 1 book blog Book Charming as recently interviewed me for my book. It shall be live soon on their blog.

Canadian top book platform N.N lights book heaven has given a special blog post for my book and is giving my book as this month’s giveaway award.

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