Girl, Empower Yourself

Author Hema Vinod, the Author of the best-selling book Parenteening Made Simple: 7 Principles that unlock ‘Positive Teenage Parenting’, is about to release her new work: “Girl, Empower Yourself!”

Hema Vinod’s message:

Growing up, my role models were my teachers and it seemed natural to gravitate to teaching. This combined with a love of travel, led me to teaching in India and abroad. It was in 1990, with a one year old son we took our flight to magical Africa.

In 2003 the big change happened, I started serving refugees with UNHCR and in 2005, I joined the children’s agency UNICEF. For the next 15 years, work took me to various countries. I shall always carry memories of Rwanda, Uganda, DRC, Kenya, Jordan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Iraq. Each country had something special about it and it has a place in my heart.

To work for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children is something I will be grateful forever.. Education was the way out of the hard situation which children and parents knew so well. There was hope for children as teachers and schools kept the flame of education alive.

In 2020, the day that India was shutting its borders due to Covid was the day I returned after all the work from abroad.

Training to be a coach was a new window which opened in the long hard lonely months of the pandemic. It was life changing and I studied online for ten months.

‘What is your niche?,’ we asked each other as budding coaches. Three decades of work with children directed me to teens as a group that needed the most support. This combined with own earlier challenges as a parent of two teenagers made me move in this direction.

The idea of a book for parents of teens happened during this time and my book Parenteening Made Simple came into being after 14 long months.

At the beginning of this year, the image of the girls I had interacted with kept appearing and there was no doubt, they were some of the most vulnerable. Generally, we know girls’ face relating to issues of early marriage, early motherhood, dropping out of school due to family pressures, poverty, discrimination and harmful cultural practices.

Very often girls lack the guidance, role models and support they need during a critical stage in their lives. I started writing with them in mind.

My book for girls is almost ready and dedicated to the girls. It is called, “Girl, Empower Yourself!” The Cover of this book is designed by Sneha Manek. I believe this will be the guide and mentor for girls in their challenging journey to adulthood. This book is also for parents, educators and coaches to support girls better.

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