Best trek in Shimla for beginners is without any doubt should be The Buran Ghati Pass Trek. This is the easy treks from Shimla.


Best trek in Shimla for Beginner: Buran Ghati Pass Trek

If you are a beginner in trekking and looking for an Easy trek near Shimla, then
The Buran Ghati Pass is the best trek for you. We have many reason so say this, like it is the easy-moderate trek. The trail to the Buran Pass is not so steep like other Pass trek Like; the Hampta Pass Trek.

We will tell you the 5 reasons to do this trek:

  1. Buran Ghati treks starts from small village name Janglik, which is 160km from Shimla. So it is easily accessible.

  2. The trail is not too steep, which can easily be covered by a beginner.

  3. This trek has Chandranahan Lake on day 3, which is the real surprise for a first time trekker.

  4. This trek can be done in 5 days, which makes this trek short trek in Shimla.

  5. The temperature on Buran Ghati Trek is between 0 -5 degree.

I think you are excited to know the 5 reasons to do this Buran Ghati Trek, 

Now we share the Best itinerary for Buran Pass Trek.

Buran Ghati Pass Trek Itinerary:

Day 1: Drive from Shimla to Janglik.

Day 2: Janglik to Dayara Campsite.

Day 3: Dayara to Litham.

Day 4: Litham to Chandranahan and back to Litham.

Day 5: Litham to Munirang via Buran Ghati Pass.

Day 6: Munirang to Barua.

Day 7: Barua to Shimla drive.

Best time to do Buran Ghati Pass Trek:

Best time to do Buran Ghati Pass Trek is between May, June and Sep, Oct. The trail is pretty clear in these months of year and the weather is clear.

This trek is not advisable in monsoon months of July and Aug.

Cost of the Buran Ghati Pass Trek:

The Buran Ghati Pass Trek cost is Rs. 14300/-, this trek is also managed by Mount Heavens Adventure. The trek cost is low compared to other trekking company in India.

Surprise at Buran Ghati Pass Trek:

When we are doing any trek, there are some moments when we all are stun, because of the beauty of the trail or the view.

Buran Ghati trek also has a one big surprise for trekkers, which is the Chandranahan Lake. This lake is like the water Glass in between the mighty Himalayas, which is at the height of 14000ft.

This trek is frozen between the months of Nov to April, in this time of the year; the Lake is not trek able.


The Buran Ghati Pass Trek or The Buran Pass Trek is the best treks near Shimla, which is the best trek for a beginner. This trek distance and the Buran Ghati Pass itinerary are suitable for both beginner or experienced trekkers as well.

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