Book Cover Formatting and Designing

‘Book Cover Formatting and Designing’ is never an easy task when it comes to formatting a book cover for Ingramspark.

No need to worry If your book cover (eBook or paperback- Book Cover Formatting) is rejected by KDP, CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Booksbaby,etc websites. Sneha Manek Services is here to undertake the job on your behalf and get it done in days!

On 25th August, 2022: We are happy to release our new cover formatting work-

Family Interview Paperback

Book Formatting and Cover Design

by Vanessa Thompson (Author), Melanie Lopata (Editor), Supriya Karia (Book Cover Formatting)| Sneha Manek Services)

The Author has a short motive for publishing this work:

This book is for you to record your loved one’s memories and wisdom. Do you have a loved one who passed on and you wish you knew more about them? This book allows you to write everything from family history to fun memories and more! Never again miss the opportunity to keep your family history alive.
My wish is for our present/future generations being able to find out what their elders are/were like so that their stories and memories are never lost.

There are three things to consider in book cover design: the front cover, back cover, and spine. Let’s look at each of them individually.

Front Cover Design (Book Cover Formatting)

Your front cover is arguably the most important element of book cover design. There are two main parts of your front cover: imagery and typography.

Book Cover Imagery

Your imagery could be a photograph, an illustration, geometric shapes, an interesting play on color, or more!

Book Cover Typography

The typography should include your book’s title, subtitle, and author name. Keep in mind that the book’s title should always be the most prominent (unless you’re a New York Times-bestselling author).

Back Cover Design (Book Cover Formatting)

Book Cover Formatting and design

When people think about book design, they’re often picturing the front cover alone. However, a book cover is an entire package—front, back, and spine. Your back cover is your chance to build on the excitement you created with the front cover, and ultimately hook the reader into buying your book.

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