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A workout session in the right fit makes you comfortable and warm. Therefore, choosing the correct tee for your athleisure activities is essential. A workout outfit must not restrict your muscle movement and is easy to care for.

Vital workout wear consists of a high-performance tee and shorts. Moreover, it can also include headgear and a hoodie. Consequently, finding a workout apparel brand that is all-inclusive is hard. A4 apparel brand is not only your workout brand but is also affordable. Their performance clothing line is making waves in the workout wear industry.

Buy the correct performance tee:

You need to add a workout tee as an essential part of the workout gear. A tee that makes your workout session easy and comfortable. Therefore, A4 NW3002 is the right choice for your perfect tee. Here is a short guideline on what to look for when buying a performance tee:

1: Moisture wicking

A performance tee must have the ability to wick away the moisture. It must be a dry fit that does not leave you sweaty. A tee that accumulates sweat will not do! Moreover, access sweating makes your workout session unbearable. Therefore, look into the T-shirts that offer to wick the moisture.

Usually, polyester or other synthetic blends has the ability of moisture wicking. Nylon is also another fabric that does not let sweat build up. Overall, buy a tee that is 100% polyester or a synthetic blend.

2: Breathable

Another ability that a performance tee must possess is that it is breathable. Its fabric should be light and easy so that the wearer feels cozy. An adequately ventilated fabric is needed for workout gear. Therefore, breathable fabrics are usually polyester and nylon. Cotton is breathable but does not make a comfortable workout outfit. Overall, look into the tee that makes you feel airy and breezy.

3: Stain or Odor resistant

A tee must be stain or odor resistant. It is usually written at the back of the label. Both stains and odor make the tee uncomfortable to wear. Odor becomes a problem when your tee does not wick away the moisture. Moreover, the tee should be easy enough to wash several times. If a tee cannot remove stains of oil, pollution, sand, etc., then it is useless to purchase it.

4: Base Layer

A good tee makes an essential item for layering. It means that you can pair up your tee with any clothing item. The tee should make a perfect base, from a hoodie and sweatshirt to a jacket. Therefore, you need to find a tee with a solid color that serves as an authentic base. Thus, not only should it wick away the moisture but it must also be your fashion statement.

How to care for your performance tee:

Caring for a performance tee is a must, especially if you want to look in good shape. Often, tees lose their abilities with time. It is due to improper care and washing practices. If you have A4 NW3002 as your workout wear, then the following are the tips you must consider:

1: Fabric softener

Due to poor detergents and other washing products, a performance tee loses its luster. Moreover, after several washes, the fabric starts to degrade. Due to this, the material shrinks or loses its softness, making it uncomfortable. To undo this, use a good quality fabric softener. Fabric softeners can prevent your tee from becoming hard. Therefore, find a good fabric that also removes detergent residues.

2: Read the label carefully

A vital thing you must do is to read the instructions carefully. It means reading the back of the label attentively. Usually, manufacturers instruct us on the dos and don’ts of the tee. They have clearly outlined all the tips and guidelines for washing the tee. Whether you can wash your tee or put it in a dryer or not, they mention it all!

3: Turn clothes inside-out

Another thing you must do before washing is to turn your clothes inside out. It ensures no detergent residue is left on the front of your tee. Moreover, if you are washing the tee with other clothes, turning the tee inside-out makes sure that color does not mix up. However, it is best if you wash your workout wear items separately. Do not forget to apply fabric softener so that the fabric remains pliant. 

4: Air-dry

It would be best if you did not put them in a dryer to retain the same quality. The dryer hardens the fabric of the tee, making it coarse. Moreover, there is a chance of pilling when you put the clothes in a dryer. You can always go for dry cleaning if it is mentioned at the back of the label. But, air drying the tee is the correct method. Leave your clothes out in the open and let them dry themselves.

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