Are you looking for a collection of dark love poems? Love has a dark side, and we think that poetry is an excellent way to explore this. We think there’s room in this world for shadowy sonnets of amour, black ballads of passion, and even gloomy romantic rhymes. Each of our poems pick up the theme of dark love in a unique manner, sometimes as a sweet surrender and at other times as a frightening compulsion. 

“Fallen Blooms” is a collection of ten dark, heartbroken and gripping love poems that can make the reader’s heart heavy. Collected in these pages are newest poems written specifically for this volume- including ‘True Love Ne’er Dies’, ‘Loveth Oft Hurts’, ‘Silent Lovers’, ‘Poet’s Gift’, ‘Spirits Do Love’, ‘Death Of A Poet’, ‘Roses Have Thorns’, ‘Lovers In Pain’, ‘I Would Have Loved Thee More’ and ‘Love Is What I Feared A Lot’. You are surely going to fell in love with this stunning collection and the poems collected here will leave you spellbound.

A verified review in Amazon says:

Fallen Blooms is a moving body of poetry. It is unique in that Srijit Raha provides an analysis after each poem, allowing the reader into the poet’s mind. This is something I had never seen done before, but something I appreciated given the lofty language used in these deep and dark poems. Sometimes I did wish that there was more room left for interpretation in these analyses.

No spoilers here, but my favorite poems were “Silent Lovers,” “Spirits Do Love,” and “Love is What I Feared a Lot.” In particular, “Love is What I Feared a Lot” was both beautiful and haunting in its wording.


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