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Jennifer Gilmour collaborates with Sneha Manek.

When Rose married the love of her life she was expecting the perfect family life she’d always dreamed of, but before her first child was born her husband, Darren, changed.

Almost overnight Rose’s life is turned upside down and the life she’d envisioned seemed like an impossible dream.

As Darren’s abuse deepens, Rose has 100 reasons to leave but 1,000s why she can’t. Will she ever escape the hellish life she and her children are trapped in?

Can Rose stop her life spiraling further out of control?

Can she find the life she desperately wants for her children?

Stuck at Isolation Junction, which way will Rose turn? 

Jennifer Gilmour
Advocate for women in abusive relationships
Author of Isolation Junction & Clipped Wings
#AbuseTalk Founder

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