Love Sonnets

Love sonnets are powerful means of expressing one’s emotions and belief’s about love handled with pain and sacrifice. An award-winning Poet Mr. Subhamoy Mazumdar had released his wonderful collection of poetry through a collection of eighteen love sonnets, named Autumn Amour.

Autumn Amour is a collection of eighteen love sonnets, each having the luminosity of the falling leaves in the magical autumnal light; perhaps sometimes, the silence of starlit autumn nights. It is more of a recollection of the poet’s deepest emotions felt during the years he was in college, and much later through his mature years. The sonnets are all deep, heartfelt expressions of his love, longings, loneliness; His awakening into the true nature of love and life and, finally the realization of love’s cosmic significance …

The cover design, formatting, and complete assistance in self-publishing this collection is provided by Sneha Manek.

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