Marketing & Promotion

Marketing And Promotion

Reaching the correct audience is very important particularly when we want our books and products to get worldwide recognition. Now market your books & products  in different social media groups and platforms , including in this website for a year or more.

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Get Genuine reviews for your books & other products

If you wish to submit a book for review consideration in this website or in other places, please email the book details to including the links of the e-book and the paperback publication.

There are several ways of marketing and promoting books

1. Ads on website and social media.

2. Setting up Amazon ads.

3. Setting up insta and fb ads.

4. Direct booking sales for getting more reviews.

5. Promoting on podcast and youtube channels

1. Google Ads:

Google Ads is the starting point for your potential customers when searching Google. When a business has a great product or service with a poorly run campaign, a solution is needed to turn this around.

What’s included in this service:

✓ Search Campaign Creation

✓ Keyword Research

Here’s how I can help you:

a) If you already have a Google Ads account: I will do an in-depth QA of your account first and come up with suggestions that include Ads, Extensions, Bids & Budget, Device Bid Adjustments, Negative keyword analysis, Keyword research, basically anything and everything you need help with.

b) If you don’t have an account yet: I will help you set up the entire account and then work on Ads, Extensions, Keywords and Conversion tracking (only call tracking) set up. I will help you decide an initial budget and work towards achieving your goal of clicks/leads/sales.

Please note: I cannot guarantee sales/leads.

2. Amazon Ads:

Now that your novel is published, let’s get it noticed for better SALES.

*here are the proven strategies that give a boost to the sales:

➤ Extensive competitor analysis for best KWs and thus AMZ PPC CAMPAIGN performance.

➤ Shifting of best performance KWs from auto to manual with different ppc campaigns.

➤ negative KWs targeting that are eating your money

➤ Weekly advertising report

➤ Regular adjustments of bidding to maintain ACOS profitable with great turnover


3. Web page/ Website:

If you are looking for a high-quality professional WordPress website design for your business 

And responsive website design for your newly started/existing business to increase your sales

You are at the right place!

I believe I can create a site that is simple to navigate and has a professional yet welcoming design.

✪ $50 Package ( Bronze )

 ✓ 1 Page ( upto 3 sections )

✓ Responsive design

✪ $75 Package ( Silver )

✓ High-End Websites up to 5 pages

✓ Professional design

✓ Social Icons Included

✓ Responsive across all screens


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⭐ Entirely trackable on Analytics

❗️❗️Note: –  Youtube links, social media links, slowly loading sites and adult sites not allowed.

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