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Dr. Ram Narayan Sharma is an aspiring Author of his masterpiece novel 10 CC. Set in 2007, 10CC deals with the biggest taboo in our medical fraternity, which is addiction among doctors. It is a known phenomenon in Western countries. There are special hotlines to report substance abuse suspicion and rehabilitation centers for addict doctors. This novel touches on almost every medical malpractice in Indian society, like a cut practice from pharma and laboratories.

Dr. Ram Narayan Sharma

This novel is a dark comedy. There aren’t a lot of dark comedies in India, so readers are in for a change.

Another thing that separates this novel from others is the protagonist is not named. In this way, every reader can associate with him.

If this novel becomes hit, the Indian government will be forced to make many reforms in the medical sector. It will scare a lot of powerful people and bring about positive changes in Indian society.

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The Author is in possession of a document that sheds light on how corrupt pharma companies help doctors make black money and government cannot do anything about it. Connect with Dr Ram Narayan Sharma on Twitter for more information and follow him here.

10 CC is all about:

“A tale of chemistry between a chain-smoking medical intern and the time he spent with his sedative addicted boss, owner and in-charge of a small town ICCU equipped hospital. The boss makes the patient buy sedatives on pretext of a wonderful Intramuscular injection guaranteed to provide relief. He pockets the vial with the efficiency of an illusionist and injects air in patient’s butts. Is air injected in human body fatal?”

Disclaimer: The release (writing) belongs to the Author himself; and all claims made are solely of the Author.

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