Sweet like candy

Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande was launched in the year 2015. It’s a fruity floral gourmand scent with notes of whipped cream, marshmallow, jasmine, honeysuckle, vanilla, and cashmere wood. The fragrance has a delicate, soft aroma that will appeal to any woman.
Fragrance notes
Ariana Grande has launched her new fragrance with the name Sweet Like Candy. The fragrance combines sweet ingredients such as white flowers and powder with tangy blackberries and citrus-like Bergamot. It also features a juicy pear. The result is a sweet and refreshing scent that is perfect for every occasion.
The original Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande is a sweet floral fragrance for women. This fruity
floral fragrance is sweet and feminine, with notes of whipped cream, marshmallow, vanilla, and
Cashmere wood. It’s a scent that will captivate any woman.
It opens with a burst of juicy fruit and whipped cream. It has a heart composed of rich notes of
Marshmallow, vanilla, and cashmere woods. A hint of jasmine rounds out the scent. The perfume lasts around eight hours and is perfect for hot summer days.
The original Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande EDP is a sweet fragrance that features a combination of tangy blackberries, citrus-like bergamot, and sweet, juicy pear. The fragrance has a sweet, floral aroma that lingers long after you have applied it.
The scent is reminiscent of candy, and it is very feminine and soft. The fragrance was released in
2016, and its ingredients are sweet and feminine. The scent is characterized by notes of whipped cream, marshmallow, tangy blackberry, and a creamy blend of Vanilla, musk, and cashmere wood.
The fragrance opens with a ripe fruit explosion, and then develops into a sweet, creamy heart with notes of marshmallow, vanilla, and cashmere woods. The softer, sweeter notes blend with jasmine, Bergamot, and honeysuckle.
Lasting power
Ariana Grande’s Original Sweet Like Candy EDP for women has good sillage and a pleasant smell.
It is not too strong and will last for a long time. This is a fragrance for everyday wear. It is a great choice for busy women who want to smell fresh and youthful, without being too overpowering. The fragrance is sweet and has a marshmallow and whipped cream note. The bottle is adorable, and will look good on your vanity.
The fragrance has a sweet, fruity aroma with tones of blackberry, pear, marshmallow, and whipped cream. The scent is also very sweet and is perfect for everyday wear. The fragrance lasts longer, and you don’t have to reapply it for several hours. It has a warm, creamy feel and it attracts lots of compliments.
The sweet scent Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande is a Floral Fruity Gourmand scent, with top notes of bergamot and sugar-frosted blackberry. It also includes a mix of cashmere woods and heady Frangipani. For those who are looking for something sweet and feminine, this is the perfect fragrance.
The scent is inspired by the personality of Ariana Grande, and is a sweet and playful dessert that will bring out the best in you. The sweet scent opens with juicy fruits like bergamot and pear, and then transitions into Marshmallow, honeysuckle, and Frangipani. A mellow cashmere wood base rounds off the scent, and vanilla completes the candy theme.

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