Lockdown Stories- Together we contribute


Lockdown Stories- Together we contribute


One of the best anthologies by Authors across the globe.

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The term anthology originates from a Greek word, anthologia, meaning a “collection of flowers.” An anthology is a compilation of literary works such as poems, plays, short stories, excerpts, including television programs, dramas, movies and songs. There are different categories of anthologies such as comic anthologies, essay collections, fiction anthologies, poetry anthologies, anthologies of films, and of television programs. Its most common category is literary one, which editors compile from different sources and publish in book forms.

“Lockdown Stories” By Sneha Manek is a one such collection of words from different Writers and Authors across the globe who whole-heartedly agreed to contribute their writings to a noble cause.
The stories, open letters, articles, etc. inscribed in it reveals their emotions and experiences out. The main purpose of collecting the write-ups and publish them is to prove that even the writers can contribute through their writings and the power of words is no less!

The details of each and every co-author is mentioned after their literary works so that their work gets individually recognized by the readers.


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