Stay Away-Novel

Eighteen years ago, Kevin’s parents were brutally murdered. Seventeen years after their death, Kevin is forced to watch helplessly as his fiancée is tortured to death. (Stay Away- A thriller Novel)

Never fully recovering from the trauma, he moves into a new city, hoping to start his life anew, leaving his devastating past behind. But things doesn’t go as planned when he meets Natasha—the daughter of a man hunting for his kind.

They soon discover the battered corpse of a missing detective assigned to investigate the murder of his fiancée, which signalled a new danger. However, when the horror from his past returned, Kevin is forced to stay away from Natasha—or watch her fall victim to a ghoul that takes pleasure in tormenting him.

All he wants is to save himself from the baggage of a troubled past. But she just won’t stay away.

“A stunning masterwork of style and suspense. ‘Stay Away’ is one of those novels that grabs us from the start, then keeps us up all night by brilliantly peeling back the layers of the story until we arrive—shockingly—at the truth. And I can’t think of another novel in which the characters are so perfectly drawn. You’ll remember Kevin and Derik, Natasha and Alex for long after you’ve finished the novel!” – E N Book Reviews, Top Pick

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About the Author

Jeffrey Pope (C. J. Ogochukwu), a mechanical engineering student, is an avid reader who is obsessed with dark and twisted stories, with a bit of romance tossed in. When he writes, he takes his readers on a dark journey of suspense and twist, making it difficult for one to stop reading once they’ve started. As an introvert, writing novels is his only real way of expressing himself without making eye contact with anyone. He loves to think of himself as a ‘Ghoul on Pages’.
He spends the better part of his time playing chess – when he isn’t writing or reading a book, and sometimes entertains himself by solving mathematical problems – this way he keeps his mind active and wired to create complicated twists and suspense in his plots.

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