Shania Guha

Shania Guha was born in Mumbai, and currently resides in Dubai, UAE with family. She is a teen author and her manuscript was accepted when she was 11 years old. ‘Jump Scare ‘ is her debut book, an illustrated horror fiction suitable for 8 – 12 years old. It is a collection of six short stories.From childhood, she was good in weaving stories with different and unique characters and eventually she published her book. The book is released worldwide on 29th July. It is available in paperback and kindle version in US/ UK/Canada/ India/UAE/ Japan / Egypt/ KSA to name a few.In India, the paperback is releasing soon.

Hair-raising, spine-tingling and bizarre encounters will leave your mind wandering in a medley of thoughts and hallucinations.

From demons in the TV to a door that no one wants to go near, Jump Scare is full of seemingly normal events that might not be so normal. ~Shania Guha

Kidliomag, #24 top reviewers from Goodreads has rated 5 stars to this work and stated:

Jump Scare: A collection of six gripping tales by Shania Guha
Jump Scare is a collection of six scary stories that are perfect for creating a spooky evening for young children who love to read horror and ghost fiction. Meet the ghosts of the friendly spirit, the dog Casper, and uncover the mysteries of the lost episode and the secret behind the door in this unusual collection of eerie, creepy, and spooky stories. So get ready to dive into these thrilling stories that elicit your worst nightmare alive!

These chilling stories from a 13-year-old girl are bound to keep readers of all ages up at night. With every page you turn, you’ll be looking over your shoulder to make sure no one’s there.

Now you can totally understand what this book has in store for you. It’s an absolute spooky treat for children and a great way to introduce horror fiction.

Perfect for 8+

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