The Language of YES: One Children’s Book Can Change the World

What if there was a simple way to bring positive communication and empathy to every household? What if we were taught to find the deep feelings behind the spoken hate and communicate these instead? What if we could change the world one family at a time? Now we can. Yes!

The simple yet life-changing concept of the Language of YES, coined by the certified Positive Parenting counselor and children’s book author, Viki de Lieme, aims to do just that.  

The Language of YES empowers children to search for their true needs and feelings behind their blatant NO. And kids say a lot of NO because the human brain is designed to do just that – resist.

More challenges arise when parents meet their children’s resistance with further resistance – parenting becomes a constant war, and the world we live in sadly follows. De Lieme is personally familiar with these struggles through her work with parents in the past 7 years and in her own parenting. She knows how parenting relationships change when parents commit to peace. With modeling being the most (if not only) effective parenting method, parental behaviors are key to building long-lasting relationships, and setting children up for success.  

Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES is the first Nonviolent Communication (NVC) picture book for preschoolers and young readers. It prompts parents and children to consider what they communicate and how they do it, and whether their words promote peace or further chaos. Following the concept of the Language of YES is easy, intuitive, and life-changing, say readers worldwide.

Today, August 30, is the official release date of Viki de Lieme’s second book, Jacky & Raff and the Truth about Mine, which teaches children that sharing toys is just like sharing emotions, and it doesn’t mean giving them away. The concepts of sharing have altered in our modern world, with many parents forcing kiddos to share. One of the biggest challenges here is that children inevitably stop sharing – not only toys, but emotions, as well.

When, on the other hand, kids are taught that sharing is a choice that protects them from loneliness, sharing both toys and emotions becomes intuitive – no one wants to be lonely.  

Viki de Lieme’s books have brought peace and positivity to countless homes already, and can be purchased here. The eBook version of the Truth About Mine is now FREE for 24 hours.


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