The Unturned Pages

Best Freelancing Services is now ready to dispatch the first set of the very popular book- The Unturned pages by Prithwiraj Chaudhuri. The book formatting, cover designing and printing services are provided by Best Freelancing services and the first order is ready to hit the marketplaces on 17-01-2023.

Every life has its own stories. Some remain untold while others are forgotten. Moments and nostalgia are forever entwined. Presented as an anthology, an oeuvre of anamnesis about an unlived life is an objective view of human characters and a few distinct varieties of emotional prosody such as happiness and courage, longing and love, disgust and disappointment, fear and anxiety, hatred, and anger. Life is too short to regret anything and too long to give up giving up, but not necessarily in that order. Life is lived in moments turned into experiences; moments we strive to capture and hold onto, hoping the world will standstill.… because life, is an endlessly beautiful sequence of self-hypnosis.

The Book is available across all marketplaces outside India and is available in our stores for shipping across India. The Unturned Pages is priced at 250/- INR and is available for free shipping across the country- offer valid only for a few days! So, GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

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It’s been more than 3 years that Sneha Manek, the founder of BEST FREELANCING SERVICES, have worked on 30+ books and provided complete self publishing-assistance to different authors!

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The first glimpse of the print is here:

the unturned pages
the unturned pages

This beautiful book is a collection of short stories and is worth gifting on every occasions/festivals to your beloved ones.

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