Team Skyhawks

Effective leadership is the backbone of every team. The position of a Captain comes with a burden of responsibilities. Sneha Manek Services heartily wish the Captain of Women’s Cricket team (Skyhawks| under LMP Cricket Association) Mrs. Anita Thakkar “A very Happy Birthday”!

She has shown wonderful leadership qualities on and off the field finally leading her team to taste victory in a crucial tournament held at the Spring Club, Kolkata. Her unique way of managing the team members makes her an outstanding leader. She has always focussed on improving an individual’s performance, giving fair and equal chance to all. Apart from being a good captain, She has been a wonderful, friendly-figure for the entire team.

Once again, on this beautiful day, Sneha Manek Services wants to take up this opportunity to wish her the best in life. “Happy Birthday Mrs. Anita Pujara Thakkar

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